AM Powder

AM Powder

AMPowder is a leading international micro polymer powder producer for the usage in powder based additive manufacturing processes. With the unique and newly developed production process most of the existing polymer granules can be transformed into spherical, high flowable micro powder.

Micro Powder Production
Quality Control (Particle Size, distribution and surface)
AM Parameters (additive manufacturing)
Powder Development
Part Production


The unique production process increases the variety of spherical polymer powders. Based on simply physical laws the common polymer granules are transformed into spherical polymer particles. The surface comes in a smooth way without any cracks. In combination with the right particle size distribution not only the density is higher in comparison with existing technics like milling, also the flow ability reaches an excellent value.

  • Spherical particle shape
  • Controlled particle size distribution
  • High variety of process able polymer
  • Excellent flow ability characteristic
  • No chemicals needed for processing


To maintain a constant quality of the powder a continuous quality control has been integrated in the process. The process controls particle size, shape and distribution. According to the ongoing results the production parameters are changing to ensure the best quality.

  • Constant particle size
  • Constant size distribution, which leads to constant density
  • Spherical particle shape
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Low dust ratio



AM Parameter

Based on the physical and chemical behaviour of the powder the production parameters for a powder based additive manufacturing process are evaluated. To guarantee the mechanical properties of the industrial 3d printed parts the powder quality and the production parameters are relevant. Therefore AMPowder provides the parameters for each powder. This setup guarantees the tested mechanical properties.

  • Constant particle quality
  • Guaranteed mechanical properties
  • Production ready powder solution
  • No need to develop your own parameters on an AM Machine
  • Customized solution

Powder Development

We are constantly evolving to enlarge the field of additive manufacturitd use applications. With our research and development team the next powder is already in the pipeline.

  • Integrated powder and parameter developer
  • Extensive knowledge partner
  • Solution oriented development process
  • Profound feasibility check at the project start
  • Risk minimization due to development process setup.

If you are looking for a speciality polymer powder for your application, whether it is for AM or not, give us a shout and let us find a win-win solution.

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AMPowder AG is fully dedicated to add value for their customers through high performance micro polymer powder.

Therefore the team behind has developed a unique powder production process. The process development has started in the year 2016 with our partner company BioStruct GmbH. In the meantime the team and partner network has grown. So besides the core team with two mechanical engineers, chemical, simulation and process specialist have put their thoughts into the powder production machine, which is the backbone of this venture.

AM Powder Philosophy

  • Long term mindset
  • Value creation with positive environmental impact
  • Technology focus to serve the needs
  • Always looking for outstanding solutions